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Final Fantasy Anthology (Final Fantasy V & VI)

Product Description

Includes both Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI

Original 2-D graphics and 16-bit sounds

For 1 player

Imported from USA

Showcasing two installments of SquareSoft's wildly popular role-playing game (RPG) series, Final Fantasy Anthology
features the U.S. debut of Final Fantasy V, and reintroduces one of the best RPGs of all time, Final Fantasy VI,
originally released as Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo gaming system.

Both games are straight Super Nintendo conversions, so their 2-D graphics and 16-bit sounds are admittedly subpar by
PlayStation standards. However, SquareSoft has added brand-new, beautifully animated movies for both titles, and has
given Final Fantasy VI the star treatment it deserves by adding a bonus mode where gamers can access loads of
supplementary material, such as artwork and data files on the game's monsters and items.

While Final Fantasy V is one of weaker entries in the series, Final Fantasy VI alone is totally worth the price of
Final Fantasy Anthology. Endearingly melodramatic characters, a genuinely epic story line, and rock-solid gameplay make
Final Fantasy VI just as absorbing today as it was when it was Final Fantasy III. --Joe Hon


* Brand-new animated movies
* Reissues Final Fantasy VI, one of the best RPGs ever
* Lots of supplementary material for Final Fantasy VI

Cons: * Dated graphics and sounds may bother some gamers
* The previously unreleased Final Fantasy V may as well have stayed unreleased