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The Lion King

Product Description

Genre: Action

Perspective: 3rd-Person Perspective, Platform, Side-Scrolling

Developed by: Westwood Studios, Inc.

Released: 1994

Imported from USA

Product description

Cartridge only. Cartridge and/or label will show some wear, including discoloration, tearing, writing, or
other cosmetic issues. Guaranteed functional or replacement.

From the Manufacturer

You think you want to be King? Get real. You're starting life as Simba the cub. To survive and grow into a
powerful adult lion you must perfect your savage pounce reckless roar and master fighting with all four paws. If you
survive the challenge you'll grow into a strong ferocious adult lion. So prepare to scrap with hyenas. Blast through an
elephant graveyard. Battle an in your face stampede of trampling wildebeests. And you'd better quit hanging with slackes
like Timon and Pumbaa unless you want to be scarfing bugs the rest of your life! Are you sure you want to be King? Then
it's time to cut loose in the deadliest one on one brawl ever. Defeat your evil Uncle Scar. Recapture the Pridelands.
And reclaim your rightful place in the Circle of Life.

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