• 3 ways to play: adult push, kid push, and scoot around ride-on..
  • Adjustable handle height for adult and kid push options..
  • Sliding foot rest moves back allowing kids to scoot themselves..
  • Realistic lights & sounds for child fun. Durable plastic body..
  • Quiet ride tires. Seat belt for added safety..
  • Imported from USA.
Your child will love this versatile coupe! Designed with realistic details, this timeless car offers safety and style. This durable plastic coupe provides 3 ways to play. Adults can push their children with an adjustable rear handle. Move the handle down and kids can push the car themselves. Finally, the innovative child footrest slides back, allowing your child to scoot around on his own. The car also features realistic lights and sounds, quiet ride tires and a seatbelt for added safety.