Product: 256958

j/fit Super High Density Foam Rollers

Product Description

18-Inch Length x 6-Inch Diameter

High density foam roller with molded edges

Easy to carry and clean

Dense foam rolled construction provides firm support for all body types

Also for rehab exercises for upper/lower back, calf, hamstring, glutes, and more

Imported from USA

j/fit Foam Roller Comparison

j/fit Foam Roller Comparison


Half Round
Super High Density
High Density Half Round High Density EVA Textured High Density EVA Deluxe Myo Body Roller

Basic low density extruded foam. 100% medical grade foam made in the USA
Basic low density extruded foam
Black High Density injection molded foam beads. 100% medical grade foam
Black High Density injection molded foam beads
Blue closed cell heat molded EVA foam
Green closed cell heat molded EVA foam with honeycomb textured
Dark Grey closed cell heat molded EVA foam with massaging bumps

Medium density and feel
Medium density and feel
Very Firm
Very Firm
Firm Core with slightly softer exterior
Firm core with a slighly softer exterior. Best overall feel for all body types
Firm feel with finger size bumps for deeper massage User Type

Best for beginner or lightweight, single user. Produces less pressure and less pain
Elderly or persons with limited strength or muscle tone
Moderate to heavier weight user with some rolling experience or users with desire for very firm feel
Moderate to heavier weight persons with limited strength and balance issues and elderly users with little muscle tone
All user types that prefer more pressure than the Basic but less firmness than the Super High Density. Will withstand
the heaviest weight individual and multiple users in a professional setting
Same user as the High Density EVA, but better for individuals that wish to have a slight texture to the roller.
Honeycomb texture adds a little traction for a slower roll and a slight massaging effect
The myo roller will help assist in a deeper myofascial release. Small knobs on the roller will get deeper into the
tissue and help work out stubborn knots and tightness


Commercial-Grade High

Used For

Limit soreness and tightness by increasing blood flow and flexibility. When used often and correctly, the foam roller
can help athletes avoid many sport-related injuries. Increase flexibility or range of motion, relieve muscle and joint
Helps increase balance and stabilization while standing on roller. Lying on the foam will help relieve tension in
tight areas. Will not roll out from underneath.
Very firm roller should be used by individuals already using rolling techniques. Works well for larger or heavily
muscled athletes Firmness puts more pressure on tight areas.
Helps proprioception after knee and ankle injury. Helps increase balance and stabilization while standing on roller.
Will not roll out from underneath. Lying on foam will help relieve tension in tight areas.

36"- Great for pilates practice, and placing roller parallel to spine to help create proper alignment and opening up
tense shoulders and upper body.
24"- Best used for rolling the back and easier to manipulate than the longer rollers.
18" - Often used by runners to help alleviate tightness in the IT band, calf muscles,and
hamstrings. 12" - Perfect for travel. Allows you to work smaller regions or isolate
certain muscle groups.
The slight texture on this roller allows for better traction and will not slip as easily as other foam rollers. The
honeycomb texture also gives a slight massaging effect for better overall feel. Foam roller gives temporary relief of
the appearance of cellulite.
Applies more direct pressure to knotty areas to give a more intense stretch. The combination of the finger nodules and
firm surface provide a great deep tissue massage. It also allows a better surface for applying targeted pressure on
specific knotted areas which helps facilitate a myofascial release.