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Product: 257055

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Product Description

Watch and heart rate monitor ideal for active types interested in monitoring their fitness level based on heart rate

Innovative Energy Pointer feature graphically displays real-time information during workout, letting you know if you're burning fat or improving aerobic fitness

Own Cal calculates number of calories expended during a training session based on weight, height, age, gender and maximum heart rate

Comes with Polar FT7 training computer, Polar WearLink+ transmitter and FT7 Getting Started Guide

Includes limited two-year manufacturer's warranty

Imported from USA

FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Easy to Use

Easy to useIncludes comfortable fabric chest strap
for accurate, continuous heart rate.
For best results, thoroughly moisten
the chest strap with water prior to workout.

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FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

The FT7 heart rate monitor is an essential tool for those who want to lose weight and improve their fitness. Its
easy-to-use Smart Coaching features such as EnergyPointer and Smart Calories will guide and motivate you so every
workout counts.

Exercise Guidance

Continuously displays your real-time heart rate during exercise. With this information you can gauge your intensity and
stay within your target zone to maximize your workout. It's like a personal trainer on your wrist telling you when to
slow down or speed up.

Accurate Calorie Burn

Lets you know exactly how many calories you've burned during any activity, even playing with children and swimming.

Get Fitter, Faster

The FT7 is the perfect training companion. It doesn't just give you numbers, it helps you understand what you are doing
and how to improve. After each workout, the FT7 will display a training summary with your average and max heart rate
and calories burned. In addition, it keeps track of your last 99 workouts so you can see your fitness improvements and
stay motivated to reach your goals.

Key Features

• Continuous, accurate heart rate

• Average and maximum heart rate of training

• Automatic age-based target zone – bpm / %

• Smart Calorie feature uses your personal data to provide accurate calories burned

• EnergyPointer feature shows whether you are burning fat or improving your fitness during your workout

• Includes heart rate chest strap made of soft fabric material that adapts to your body shape. Requires and includes
chest strap for accurate heart rate

• 99 training files (with summaries and totals)

• Backlight

• User replaceable battery and water resistant (30m)

• Connects with compatible gym equipment using GymLink (5kHz coded transmission)

• Time of day (12/24h) with alarm and snooze

• Connects to Polar's free training site,, with the optional FlowLink data transfer device
(sold separately, not included)

In The Box

FT7 heart rate monitor

H1 heart rate sensor

FT7 Getting Started Guide

Easy to Use

1) Enter basic settings

2) Thoroughly moisten the H1 heart rate chest strap with water, snap on the transmitter and wrap around your chest

3) Start your workout. * Tip: it is best to stand away from others when starting the heart rate monitor.

4) To extend the battery life of your H1 chest strap transmitter be sure to detach the sensor from the chest strap and
rinse after each use

H1 Heart Rate Chest Strap Sensor

H1 heart rate chest strap sensor Includes the comfortable H1 heart rate chest strap. The chest strap sensor (also called
transmitter) streams continuous, accurate heart rate to the FT7 wrist unit.

• Soft fabric materials adapt to your body shape so you forget it's even on

• Convenient side hook mechanism makes it quick to put on when you want to start training and easy to take off when
you're finished

• Coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk with other heart rate monitors

• Bring it to the gym. Its 5kHz coded transmission will show your heart rate on compatible gym equipment

• Hand washable

• User-replaceable battery

• Strap material: 38% Polyamide, 29% Polyurethane, 20% Elastane, 13% Polyester

*Tip: after each workout, detach H1 transmitter, rinse the strap with water and hang dry. Click here for a larger image

Meet your goals with our training community

Join forces with other training fans just like you and get more out of your exercise. On,
you can plan your workouts in advance, analyze your results, and share it all with your friends. Here you can also
monitor your training load and avoid overtraining. Best of all, it’s completely free. To sync your FT7 heart rate
monitor, you just need the optional FlowLink® accessory (sold separately, not included.)

Smart Training Starts Here

Smart Training Starts Here

Polar invented the world's first heart rate monitor and pioneered the Smart Coaching training approach that delivers
faster progress and better results. Each Polar product includes unique Smart Coaching features that listen to your heart
and interpret the data for you so you can train smarter.

Smart Calories

FT7 heart rate monitor Smart Coaching features:

Smart Calories

Lets you know exactly how many calories you've burned.



Shows whether you are burning fat or improving your fitness during your workout

How Heart Rate Training Works

How Heart Rate Training Works

Click here for a larger image

When you train, you don't always have to go faster or harder to get the best results. To reach your goals you just need
to listen to your heart rate and train at the right intensity.

During training, there are specific intensity zones, each with a benefit. These zones are based on a percentage of
your maximum heart rate- a number calculated by most Polar heart rate monitors. While training you can use your max
heart rate to calculate and follow the recommended zones below. Training in the right zone will help you stay on track
to reach your goals.

Zone 1 "Very Light" 50-60%: Improves overall health and helps recovery. Recommended for weight management and active

Zone 2 "Light" 60-70%: Improves basic endurance and fat burning. Recommended for everybody for longer and frequently
repeated short exercises.

Zone 3 "Moderate" 70-80%: Improves aerobic fitness. Recommended for everybody for moderately long exercises.

Zone 4 "Hard" 80-90%: Increases maximum performance capacity. Recommended for everybody for shorter exercises.

Zone 5 "Maximum" 90-100%: Develops maximum performance and speed. Recommended for fit people and athletic training.

(Calculate your Maximum Heart Rate: 200 - Your Age= Maximum Heart Rate.)

Recommended Accessories

H7 heart rate sensor Bluetooth Smart

H7 heart rate sensor Bluetooth Smart

A combo heart rate sensor that provides real-time, accurate heart rate to your mobile training app, including Polar
Beat. The H7 also connects to many Polar products as well as compatible gym equipment.

Polar FlowLink

Polar FlowLink

Transfers data between the FT7 and, our free online training diary. Mac and PC compatible.

Comparison Chart

FT4 FT7 FT60

Watch Functionality
Yes Yes

Continuous Heart Rate - BPM / %
Yes Yes Yes

Water Resistant (will work in the water)

High & Low Target HR Zone w/ Alarm Yes
Yes Yes

OwnZone - personal heart rate zone


EnergyPointer - shows whether you're working out in your fat burn zone or fitness improvement zone


Fat Burn %


Calories Burned Yes

Training Files 10 99 100

Downloads to

Yes (w/Flowlink)
sold separately
Yes (w/Flowlink)
sold separately

Fitness Test


STAR Training Program



Polar Customer Care

Purchasing a Polar product is only the start of your experience with us. We'll be there to provide training advice and
assistance and help you get the most out of your new product.