• Designed for total body conditioning.
  • Strengthens core, increases flexibility, and improves balance.
  • Great for rehabilitation and for users with diminished capacity.
  • 14" in diameter. Made out of steel and covered by durable rubber.
  • Soft foam handles are padded on both inside and outside of the ring.
  • Imported from USA.
The ProSource Pilates Resistance Ring adds a new dimension to classic Pilates workouts, providing light resistance to help tone and strengthen your core and entire body. The ring challenges your balance and causes your muscles to adapt and become stronger, making it great for both general conditioning and rehabilitation. Foam handles on each side make it comfortable to hold in your hands and place between your feet or knees. The sturdy steel magic circle is covered in durable rubber, so no matter how much you twist, turn, and squeeze it, the shape will hold. Long-lasting accessory and easy to transport, it's a great accessory for your every day workouts.