Kinps ® for iPad 2/3/4 Slim Smart Case with Built-in Sound Reflector to Boost Volume, Magnet Activated Sleep/wake Smart Cover and Fold-away Stand with Secure Hand Strap

by Kinps

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  • Integrated with durable polyurethane leather with grained texture
  • Built-in sound booster enhances volume and directs soundwaves aim toward you
  • Fold-away cover converts into a viewing stand
  • Cover includes hidden magnetic activation that puts your iPad iPad 4 & iPad 2/3 into sleep mode to conserve battery life
  • Newly released! Form-fitting hard case designed to perfectly fit your iPad 4 & iPad 2/3
  • Specifications:

    *Need a little extra audio improvement for your iPad 4?
    *The Case gives your iPad iPad 4 & iPad 2/3 the voice it deserves.
    *The Case provides a complete protection in a form-fitting hard shell, integrated with durable polyurethane leather and
    a feel of grained texture on the exterior.
    *When you play any music or sound on your iPad mini, easily slide out the built-in sound enhancement for a sound boost
    solution. Unlike other speakers, the curved sound booster is a power-free design that amplifies stereo sound without
    battery usage, and redirects sound waves from the rear to the front towards you, so you can enjoy an amazing audio
    experience while watching movies, listening music or Facetime with your friends!
    *In addition, the Case features a magnetic cover you can fold behind and create a portable viewing stand. When not in
    use, the cover also puts your iPad iPad 4 & iPad 2/3 into sleep mode to conserve battery life and wakes it up when it is
    opened. An elastic strap as a secure handhold for portable viewing is included as well.


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