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Product Description

Contains 4 styluses for your DSi and 4 for your DS Lite. That should hold you for a while.

They don't just get by on their good colorful looks; they're solidly built of tough ABS plastic too.

Choose a different color any time you play; match your outfit, your shoes or just to be different from your friends.

While these styluses will work with the Nintendo 3DS, they will not fit in the 3DS stylus slot and will need to be carried separately.

Imported from USA

“Where’d my stylus go?” How many times have you said that to yourself when you’re getting ready to play your Nintendo
DS? Man, those things are small and they sure have a way of blending into the scenery so you’ll NEVER find them. PDP
made these Nintendo-licensed rainbow-colored styluses with that problem in mind. They’re still small and we can’t
guarantee you aren’t going to leave them at your friend’s house after a day of gaming but we give you a big pack full of
them and make them in bright colors to help them stand out in that haystack you call your room.