Bicycle Shadow Masters BLACK Deck of Playing Cards by Ellusionist

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  • Pokers-size (3.5 by 2.5 inches) playing cards
  • Standard (small) index in the corners
  • Shadowmasters design by Ellusionist
  • Genuine Bicycle cards
  • Made in the USA
  • Each card hand designed in precise detail
    The legend of the Masters deck redefined with a sleek black finish.

    2 Gaff cards included for out-of-the-box trick readiness

    JOKERS... if death was a gentleman, this is who he would look like. One Joker holds the sands of time in his hand while
    the other Joker changes it to a three of diamonds REVEAL.

    EXTRA CARDS - there is one standard "ad card" from Ellusionist, but one card is a DOUBLE BACKER. (A gift to our
    cardworker fans, enjoy.)

    BARCODE REVEAL: the tuck box contains a barcode reveal of the three of spades. Use it wisely.

    FINISH: classic glide and durability of the USPC air-cushion finish is perfect for spreading and fanning. XCM'ers will
    love them. As usual, a plush and expensive USPC stock is used to create this quality driven product.