• The Best Value PE Stopwatch on the Market.
  • ACCUSPLIT Exclusive Ergonomic "X" Case.
  • Special Million Cycle Switches operate cleanly, precisely & reliably every time.
  • Magnum XL digits for easy viewing.
  • 5 year Lithium battery.
  • Imported from USA.
Product Functions The A601X series is our most popular and durable stopwatch for your basic timing needs. • It works on the WOS 2.5 Operating system • It takes Cumulative Splits only (No Lap) • Split/Release Action • 1, 2 Fast Finish • Event/Time Out • 24 Hour Timing Range • The Timing interval is 1/100 Second to 40 minutes • 12/24 Time of Day • Month and Date Product Features • Cased in ACCUSPLIT’s Exclusive “X” Case, with its distinctive, ergonomic design. The “X” Case is immediately recognizable to anyone involved in elite sports • Million cycle No Fail Buttons (No beep) • 5 Year, DUAL No Proof of & Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty • Magnum XL Display for easy viewing • Water resistant up to 100 feet • Shock resistant • Now with 5 year lithium (CR2032) battery (3v & 3v.1 versions) • Expected battery life of 5 years • Available in 5 solid (Black, blue, red, yellow, green) and 5 translucent (Smoke, aqua, cherry, lemon, lime) Case colors. • RESOLUTION & ACCURACY LIMIT: The internal Quartz and IC controller LOOKS AT SWITCH CLOSURE every 1/256th of a second, so that nearest 1/100 is captured. • ACTUAL ACCURACY: Tested and calibrated to be within 0.04 sec/hour for 12 months. Only shocks and aging of the quartz crystal affect this actual accuracy rating. .com ---- The Accusplit Survivor A601X Stopwatch is the best value PE stopwatch on the market. With the exclusive Accusplit 'X' case design and the million-cycle switch buttons, this is the most durable and popular stopwatch for basic timing needs. The million-cycle no-fail switches are an Accusplit exclusive and are ergonomically designed for maximum performance and ease of use. They snap instead of beep and have been tested for over a million cycles without failure. The A601X operates on the Watch Company Operating System (WOS 2.5) used by most watch manufacturers, which employs a two-button system. The right button is used for start and stop, the left for split and release. The A601X stopwatch features cumulative-split timing. The cumulative time is the capture of elapsed time to current event and consists of all splits beginning to end. The split time is the interval of time measured from the start of the timing to the next pause of time. The A601X also features the one-button start-split-split system where the first split is first place, the second split is second place, and it shows a one-two fast finish. This stopwatch is available in five solid and translucent ring colors, has a 5-year battery life, and has a magnum extra-large digital display for exceptionally easy reading. The A601X is water resistant (up to 30-meters), shock resistant, and includes time and date functions, making it a great low-cost stopwatch for basic timing needs.

ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor - A601X Stopwatch, Clock, Extra Large Display