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Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle with Lanyard

Product Description

Includes cushioned mouth grip and lanyard.

Flawless patented pealess whistle emits sound power of +120dB.

Extremely easy to blow, cannot be overblown.

Superior clear loud blast carries over long distances.

4 sound-producing resonators built into 2 chambers.

Imported from USA

Less ThanstrongGreater ThanFox 40 Sonik Blast Whistle with Breakaway LanyardLess Than/strongGreater ThanLess Thanbr
/Greater ThanThe Fox 40 Sonik Blast Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard offers a sleek design, it emits a louder pitch
without any effort, standing out amongst the crowd. This whistle is a must is cases of emergency protection, onsite
disaster management and search and rescue! According to advance science and technology classify it as the most efficient
whistle in its class. It's extremely safe, works wet or dry, very functional and may just safe your life or that of
others. The Fox 40 Sonik Blast Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard is a 2-chamber and 4 resonators, pea-Less design, with
120dB emitting a distinct louder pitch without much effort, the exceptional clear loud blast can be heard over long
distances and loud noises of the environment. It also comes with a non-corrosive stainless steel split ring with a
breakaway lanyard around your neck that releases with tension. Lanyards is 36" in length by 3/16". Whether you are using
the Sonik Blast whistle for safety or for sporting events this is a great pea-less whistle.

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