Cyborg Hunter - Sega Master System

by Sega

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  • 1 Player!
  • Combining the action elements of a game like Shinobi with the strategic elements of a game like Zillion, Cyborg Hunter
    puts players in the role of Paladin, a bounty hunter who is part man, part machine. The task at hand is to punch and
    otherwise kill cyborgs prowling within the halls of the enemy base, which is a maze of connected sectors and floors
    linked by elevators. The screen is divided into three sections: map, close-up first-person view, and side-view, where
    the action takes place. Beating each sector boss gives players a key for use in entering the next sector. To help
    achieve the daunting task of beating this game (there is no password for saving progress), players possess a
    super-powerful psychic punch and can pick up bombs, shields, a jet pack and other useful items. Despite sluggish jumping
    and awkward interfacing (two controllers are required), this is an intriguing game with sharp graphics, futuristic
    music, and a nice marriage of action and strategy.