FPS Freek Snipr v1 - PS4

by Kontrolfreek

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Product ID: 263343


  • Better control = Higher accuracy in FPSs
  • More grip, less thumb fatigue
  • Higher sensitivities mean superior kill rates
  • 100% Tournament legal
  • PS4 compatible
  • The FPS Freek Snipr was designed for all of you long-range weapon users who only have one chance to take the shot. FPS
    Freek Snipr's convex thumb surface is designed for optimum grip and comfort. The extended length added by Snipr allows
    you to make smaller adjustments and 'snap' to, track and hit targets faster and more accurately than stock thumb sticks.
    This added precision will surely help you get the most out of all medium to long-range munitions like sniper rifles and
    other scoped weapons.


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