Baitaihem TV Mounting Clip Mount Holder For PlayStation 4 PS4 Camera Sensor

by Baitaihem

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Product ID: 264787


  • Tv Clip Mount for PS4 Camera
  • Securely attach PS4 Camera to TV
  • Slide in and out PS4 Camera Sensor platform for easy mounting and storage
  • Keep your PS4 Camera Sensor in place, whilst looking smart and compact.
 The clips are adjustable, which ensures a
    perfect fit for flat/slim screen televisions. The secure locking mechanism keeps the PS4 Camera Sensor in place,
    protecting it from damage whilst maintaining a smart, stylish look.
 They are very easy to clean, adjust, attach and
    remove and are the perfect solution for wall mounted televisions.

    Package includes:

    1 x Holder for PS4 Camera Sensor


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