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One Thousand Gifts Study Guide: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are


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In the five-session small group Bible study, One Thousand Gifts, best-selling author Ann Voskamp ponders the question of
finding joy in midst of everything from the typical grind of daily chores and deadlines to the calamity every person
eventually faces. 'How,' Ann muses, 'do you break the bondage of fear that has white-knuckle control on your life and
instead embrace the everyday blessings that immerse you in Christ's fullness? How can you live life with a heart
overflowing with delight?' In this five-session, video-based small group bible study, Ann encourages participants to
take on the life-changing discipline of journaling God's gifts---to find the good in life in all circumstances. It's
only in this expression of gratitude for the life we already have, that we discover the life we've always wanted ... a
life we can take, give thanks for, and use to serve others. In it, we come to feel and know the impossible right down to
our core: We are wildly loved by God. Embark on this personal, honest and fresh exploration of what it means to be
deeply fulfilled, wholly happy, and fully alive. This Participant Guide is designed for use together with the One
Thousand Gifts DVD (sold separately) and includes discussion questions for individuals and groups, between session
devotions, DVD session overviews, and a helpful leader's guide. When used in together, the small group study Participant
Guide and DVD provide you with a practical tool that can grow your faith. Sessions include: 1. Attitude of Gratitude2.
Grace in the Moment3. All is Grace4. Trust: The Bridge to Joy5. Empty to Fill