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The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven

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The secret to life is simple, but since human beings have had organized thoughts the same questions have surfaced again
and again: Why do we exist? What is the purpose of life? Is there a God? If so, is He good? But if He is a good God,
how could He permit so much suffering in this world? Why do bad things happen to good people? Where are we coming from
and where are we going? And why are we going at all? Is there life after death? Can we be 100% sure? Was this world
just created by chance or does it follow a plan? If you have also pondered some or all of these mysteries, look no
further. THE ANSWER: Proof of God in Heaven delves into the substance and complexities of these questions and many more,
and offers up some surprisingly simple, reasoned conclusions. It all begins with the Universal Laws, which together
define the very basic blueprint of this Universe. Understanding and applying these laws gives us a master key for all
knowledge. But THE ANSWER: Proof of God in Heaven searches much further into the truth of these laws and their
application in our everyday lives. There are absolute responses to all the questions of faith, purpose, and our paths in
life, which you can decipher for yourself by following along with the evidence, logic and deductions of the authors.
The key to a complicated puzzle, once revealed, makes the puzzle understandable. Similarly, this book is the key to the
puzzles of life, theology, and the heavens. Forté and Sorbo present the solutions to life's riddles with stunning
simplicity, offering the reader an enduring peace in the knowledge of God's design. The Answer discusses, for example:
The certainty with which we can know of God. The eternal laws of the Universe, such as cause and effect, which are
always on, just like gravity. The three spheres, heaven, hell and purgatory, which are real and incredibly logical.
Our individual development as souls. What Jesus Christ meant when he said in his Sermon on the Mount, "Whatever you
sow, you shall reap." How a house bears witness to its architect (though the architect is long-gone), and a footprint
in the sand offers proof that a human walked the beach, even when that person is already far away. How the Universe is
perfectly balanced and just. How the Universe never forgets (because it can't). The Answer relies on simplicity
because the truth is simple. This book does not ask you to believe, it offers proof. Just as easily as the sum of 2+2 is
4, absolutely, The Answer addresses all of life's most fundamental questions and more.