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Product: 268890

Viva Paper Towels, Choose-a-Size, White, Big Roll, 6 rolls (Pack of 4)

Product Description

Viva Big Roll Choose-A-Size paper towels let you choose the size you need

Viva paper towels have fiber-packed sheets to help you clean your toughest messes

Our paper towels are soft and strong like cloth, so they feel good while working hard

Viva Towels stay tough when wet to resist ripping or tearing

Viva Big Roll; One Big Roll is equal to 1.33 Viva Regular Rolls

Imported from USA

Viva paper towels are absorbent and tough when wet. Never run out when you sign up for subscribe and save. View larger

Product Description

Dinner is over, and it’s time to tackle that casserole dish caked in cheese and sauce. You may think a paper towel
isn’t built to take on your stack of dishes, but we dare you to grab a roll and discover for yourself the strength of
Viva. With these paper towels in your kitchen, you’ll be ready for all of life’s moments, even the messiest ones!

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Whether you buy regular or choose-a-size paper towels, keep Viva on hand to help with the toughest of messes. Amazon’s
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Quality Features For A Premium Paper Towel

* Made of strong, fiber-packed sheets
* Tough when wet
* Cloth-like softness on a roll
* Size and types for all occasions

Viva paper towels stay tough when wet and are durable enough for any mess. Viva Towels stay tough when wet to help
resist ripping or tearing.
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Tough When Wet

Many people reach for a wet cloth to clean up spilled flour and other dry messes. Replace the rag with Viva. Our
absorbent paper towels are durable, even when wet, for tough jobs like scrubbing a filthy microwave. Dunk it, wring it
out, and give it a tug to see for yourself.

Take the Viva Dare. Baking flour is littering your kitchen counters. Your dog has tracked mud all over your floor.
Leftovers are splattered all over your microwave. You may think no paper towel could possibly clean this type of mess -
but we challenge you to put our heavy-duty paper towels to the test. Made of strong, fiber-packed sheets, we think
you’ll be surprised at the cleaning job Viva can handle for you.

Take the Viva Dare and use our absorbent paper towels to take on any mess, even your muddy car.Viva Towels can handle
any mess you bring home.
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For Big Clean-Ups, Inside And Out

There is a time and place for most paper towels. Many belong only in the kitchen or the home – but not Viva. A paper
towel this tough can excel outdoors, breaking down messes in any setting. Take a roll to your next big cookout, keeping
the grill in great shape. Tear off a few sheets when washing your car to get the grime off your car tires. Don’t forget
to wet your Viva Paper Towel, keeping it tough and taking on messes anywhere, anytime.