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BAFX Products Non Contact IR (Infrared) Thermometer (-58°~+1,022°F) W/ Adjustable Emissivity & Pointer

Product Description

Functional -58° ~ +1,022°F Temp range & adjustable emissivity for different surface types!

Features - Backlit display, pointer sight, +/- 1.5% accuracy, 12:1 distance to spot ratio

Versatile - IR thermometers are used to measure surface temperature without making surface contact

Uses - Pizza stones, hot pipes, engines, grills, window leaks, candle making, vent temps & more!

Imported from USA

The BAFX Products IR thermometer, or non contact thermometer, is great for a whole range of uses, from candle &
chocolate making to temping the engine of your running vehicle! Infrared thermometers work by reading the amount of
infrared energy being emitted by an objects surface rather than by probing the actual object, allowing for more safely
measuring hot surfaces. Non-Contact thermometers like ours are a great tool just to have around since they allow you
temp locations where direct access is not possible, practical or dangerous! ***Important*** - No IR thermometer can read
internal temperatures, they only measure surface temperature so cannot be used to determine whether your food is fully
cooked. They also cannot be used for taking a humans internal body temp. Specs: • Temperature range of -58° ~ +1,022°F •
Adjustable emissivity from 0.10 to 1.00 • Accuracy of +/- 1.5% • Distance to Spot of 12:1 • Changeable from °C to °F •
MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF reading settings • Auto shut off • Operates on 2x AAA batteries