Product: 276916

Vacu Vin Concerto 5-Piece Wine Saver Set with 4 Stoppers

Product Description

Pumps air from bottle to keep opened wine fresh up to two weeks

Indicator clicks when correct vacuum level is reached

Stoppers fit all sizes of wine bottles

Pump measures 6 inches high

Imported from USA

Sturdy, handsome, and many times worth its weight in Burgundy, this wine-saver set preserves opened bottles of wine for
up to two weeks. (It won't work with sparkling wines or soft drinks, however.) A simple and ingenious pump fits onto
one of the two bottle stoppers that come with the set and pumps the air from a bottle through the stopper, which then
seals the resulting vacuum. For precision, the pump clicks when the correct vacuum level has been attained. With no
oxygen inside the bottle to turn wine vinegary it stays fresh until the stopper is removed. The matte-black pump and
gray stoppers fit onto a stable, shiny black storage base and look elegant as a top hat on the bar. The pump is 6
inches high and the base is 4-1/2 inches wide. --Fred Brack