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Toys And Games > Puzzles > Jigsaw Puzzles > Product: 278703

Puzzle Storage for Up To 1000 Pieces

Product Description

Unique sorting, assembly, storage and transport system for jigsaw puzzles

The 28" x 20" removable assembly board holds puzzle formats of up to 1000 pieces

Sturdy cardboard carrying case with a 5-compartment sorting tray and 2 strap handles

Snap-tight closure ensures secure storage and transport

Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Imported from USA

Ravensburger's Puzzle Store is a sturdy five-compartment storage case for puzzles of up to 1000 pieces. The sleek and
streamlined case helps puzzlers organize and store puzzle pieces for ongoing projects and includes a flat cardboard for
assembling puzzles and keeping everything within reach. The assembly board stores puzzle projects as they're being
worked on, so puzzlers can resume whenever and wherever they wish. The thin case includes handles for easy transport.

Puzzle storage case with removable assembly board for puzzles up to 1000 pieces.

Assemble your puzzle on the 27" x 20" removable cardboard.

Puzzle stoarge case with sorting trays to keep puzzle pieces organized.

Five compartments provide room to sort and store your pieces while assembling the puzzle.

Store Your Puzzle Piece by Piece
Puzzles can take time to put together and with piece-sorting being such an important part of completing the puzzle, a
storage case is a vital accessory for every puzzle fan. Ravensburger's Puzzle Store is a five-compartment storage case
with a thin profile and a large, 27" x 20" removable assembly board on which puzzlers can construct their puzzle. The
compartments provide room to sort and store pieces as the puzzle is being assembled. When puzzlers are not actively
piecing together their puzzles, the assembly board can be stored on top of the compartments inside the case and closed
tightly for storing.

Storage Case Keeps Puzzle Pieces Organized
Designed for storing puzzles with as many as 1000 pieces, the Puzzle Store provides a storage solution for puzzlers,
enabling them to piece their puzzle together at their own pace. The 27" x 20" removable cardboard provides a solid
surface on which to assemble the puzzle and arrange the pieces to help puzzlers complete their project. The thin-profile
case, with comfortable handle, encourages piece-sorting and protects pieces against loss. Measuring 30" x 22" x 1", the
case easily stores under a bed or couch or can be positioned against a wall to take up little space. With a sturdy
snap-tight closure, users can be assured that Puzzle Store will keep their pieces separated and their puzzle intact and
ready to work on whenever they're ready.

Store Your Puzzle in Progress
Puzzle Store solves the organizational challenge of a puzzle in progress with a sleek, easily storable case. It keeps
the pieces properly separated while providing a sturdy assembly board as removable surface for solving the puzzle,
providing useful support to project completion.

What's In The Box?
One black 30" x 22" x 1" puzzle storage case with handles, featuring a five-compartment sorting tray and 27" x 20"
removable assembly board.

Sleek, easily storable case with sorting compartments for your puzzle in progress.

Large five-compartment puzzle storage case with removable assembly board.