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9in Kaleidoscope Jumbo Size Fluid Fantasy

Product Description

Colors vary.

Rotate these optical toys to produce a succession of designs and patterns that will amaze your senses.

Imported from USA

In 1816, while experimenting with prisms and optical tools, Sir David Brewster of Scotland created a tube-like
instrument that contained loose pieces of glass and other objects reflected by angled mirrors. The tube displayed
various symmetrical patterns when viewed through one end. He dubbed his wonderful invention the "kaleidoscope," from
the Greek words meaning "beautiful form to see." Kaleidoscopes are still created much the same way they were almost 200
years ago, with some variations here and there. This glass-tube kaleidoscope from Toysmith has spiraling blue-and-red
bubbles and spangles suspended in liquid. When you look through the viewing hole, you see a circle of intricate,
iridescent, slowly flowing particles. The results are so beautiful your kids will have trouble wresting the
kaleidoscope away from you. --Lisa Whipple