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Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy

Product Description

Imported from USA

Creating Climate Wealth is about how climate change - the biggest challenge of our time –can be turned into a $10
trillion dollar wealth-creating opportunity. Author Jigar Shah, internationally recognized for revolutionizing the now
multi-billion-dollar solar energy industry, outlines how entrepreneurs and investors can unlock the massive potential
that climate change represents. Shah argues that, while new technical innovation is valuable, deployment of existing
technologies are the key to reaching our near-term climate targets. Rather than waiting for yet to be developed
technology, business model innovation is the key to attract mainstream capital and unlock transformational change. Shah
makes a compelling case for reaching our 2020 climate change goals through 100,000 companies worldwide, each generating
$100 million in sales. Unlocking our next economy will be driven by thousands of companies deploying existing clean and
resource-efficient technologies in electricity-supply (like solar), transportation, building materials, industry,
forestry, waste, and agriculture. Shah is not alone; according to the International Energy Agency, and others, $10
trillion can be invested profitably—today—in the world’s existing technologies, making Shah’s plan of 100,000 companies
each generating $100 million in sales a reality in catalyzing a new economy in the process. Creating Climate Wealth
is also the personal story of Shah’s journey through the solar industry and the founding of SunEdison, the world’s
largest solar energy company. Through business model innovations, SunEdison helped trigger the multi-billion dollar
solar energy services industry. Shah’s revolutionary approach has been emulated throughout the solar industry. But
perhaps more important, it is also being adapted for other industrial sectors like agriculture and transportation –
unlocking incredible new revenue streams, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, and positively transforming the planet
on a global level. This implementation of business-based solutions to solve complex social problems represents a new
economic movement; driven by “Impact Investments.” Impact Investments are changing the world for the better, promoting
development and economic growth, and encouraging local entrepreneurship. Unlocking these opportunities represent the
largest wealth creation opportunity of our generation. Whether you are interested in climate change, poverty
alleviation, or just promoting projects that make financial sense, this book is for you. Jigar Shah provides a proven
roadmap to understanding the Impact Economy, and creating the lasting changes that will improve our world for future