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Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't

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Portfolio Hardcover

Imported from USA

Why do only a few peopleget to say I love my jobIt seems unfair that finding fulfillment atwork is like winning a
lottery that only afew lucky ones get to feel valued by theirorganizations to feel like they belong Imagine a world
where almost everyone wakesup inspired to go to work feels trusted and valuedduring the day then returns home feeling
fulfilled This is not a crazy idealized notion Today inmany successful organizations great leaders arecreating
environments in which people naturallywork together to do remarkable things In his travels around the world since the
publicationof his bestseller Start with Why Simon Sineknoticed that some teams were able to trust each otherso deeply
that they would literally put their lives onthe line for each other Other teams no matter whatincentives were offered
were doomed to infighting fragmentation and failure Why The answer became clear during a conversationwith a Marine Corps
general Officers eat last he said Sinek watched as the most junior Marines atefirst while the most senior Marines took
their placeat the back of the line Whats symbolic in the chowhall is deadly serious on the battlefield great
leaderssacrifice their own comforteven their own survivalfor the good of those in their care This principle has been
true since the earliesttribes of hunters and gatherers Its not a managementtheory its biology Our brains and bodies
evolvedto help us find food shelter mates and especiallysafety Weve always lived in a dangerous world facing predators
and enemies at every turn Wethrived only when we felt safe among our group Our biology hasnt changed in fifty
thousandyears but our environment certainly has Todaysworkplaces tend to be full of cynicism paranoiaand self-interest
But the best organizations fostertrust and cooperation because their leaders buildwhat Sinek calls a Circle of Safety