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Guess How Much I Love You

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Imported from USA

Little Nutbrown Hare wants very much to impress Big Nutbrown Hare with the enormous scale of his devotion, but ends up
being the one who's impressed. Subtitled "a pop-up edition," this sturdy square edition of Sam McBratney's ever-popular
Guess How Much I Love You is probably better described as a "slide-along edition." Some pages do include pop-ups, but
they aren't the best ones; instead, most involve pull-tabs which animate the two rabbits and their surroundings. One of
the most appealing scenes simply shows Little Nutbrown Hare hopping up and down. In a purely technical sense this
exercise in interactive cardboard technology is well behind some of the competition, but the tale has a timeless charm
and the very simplicity of the movements makes it easy for small fingers to waggle the tabs and take control of the
story. (Ages 2 to 4) --Richard Farr