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    From Booklist ( /gp/feature.html/?docId=1000027801 ) ---------------------------------------------------- The subtitle, The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever, sets its sights high, but this impressive, oversize volume lives up to the claim. Lessem has written more than 40 books on dinosaurs, and in the opening chapter here, he presents broad basics on their behavior and habitats as well as a look at major discoveries in paleontology. However, it’s the later chapters, which devote two pages each to specific dinosaurs, that will hook hard-core dino lovers. The etymology of each dinosaur name is explained, and each is written phonetically so that readers can share their newly acquired knowledge with perfect pronunciation. Tempesta’s full-page illustrations appear on every spread and jump off the page, and the dynamic layout, with fact boxes, captions, and a main text, is immensely appealing. A concluding 40-page “Dino-Dictionary” keys each dinosaur to its family group and provides additional fodder for dinosaur trivia. Books on this topic are certainly nothing new, but Lessem’s comprehensive overview will satisfy the interested browser as much as the ardent dinosaur enthusiast. Grades 3-6. --Erin Anderson Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) About the Author ---------------- Don Lessem has written more than 50 books on dinosaurs and other animals for children and adults. He led the construction of the largest dinosaur skeleton, Argentinosaurus, and the largest meat-eating dinosaur, Gigantosaurus. Lessem was an adviser on the movie Jurassic Park, has hosted and written television documentaries, creates museum exhibitions on dinosaurs, and founded the two largest charities for dinosaur research. Franco Tempesta is an illustrator who specializes in the depiction of dinosaurs and other primitive mammals. A member of the Italian Illustrators Association, he has worked with National Geographic Children’s Books, Random House, and the Smithsonian Institution. His work can be seen in titles such as Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs. Tempesta lives in Verona, Italy. To learn more, visit Rodolfo Coria is a paleontologist who works with the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina. He is renowned for studying and naming some of the largest known dinosaurs, including the Argentinosaurus and Giganotosaurus. A member of the Paleontological Society and the Explorers Club, he specializes in dinosaurs from Patagonia. Read more ( javascript:void(0) )

    National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever Hardcover – October 12, 2010