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Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

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A comic book about comic books. McCloud, in an incredibly accessible style, explains the details of how
comics work: how they're composed, read and understood. More than just a book about comics, this gets to the heart of
how we deal with visual languages in general. "The potential of comics is limitless and exciting!" writes McCloud. This
should be required reading for every school teacher. Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman (
/exec/obidos/Author=Spiegelman%2C%20Art/%24%7B0%7D ) says, "The most intelligent comics I've seen in a long time."

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“If you read, write, teach or draw comics; if you want to; or if you simply want to watch a master
explainer at work, you must read this book.” (Neil Gaiman)

“McCloud’s masterwork is not just an indispensable treatise on comics, it’s also the best primer around on visual
literacy and the mechanics of storytelling. A must-read for anyone interested in narrative of any kind.” (Alison

“Cleverly disguised as an easy-to-read comic book, Scott McCloud’s simple-looking tome deconstructs the secret language
of comics while casually revealing secrets of time, space, art and the cosmos! The most intelligent comics I’ve seen in
a long time. Bravo.” (Art Spiegelman)

“Reading Understanding Comics blew my teenage mind, and gave me a toolbox full of ideas that I still use today.” (Raina

“The best analysis of the medium that I have ever encountered.” (Alan Moore)

“BRAVO!! ... A landmark dissection and intellectual consideration of comics as a valid medium. ... Anyone interested in
this literary form must read it.” (Will Eisner)

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