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Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened


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An Amazon Best Book of the Month, November 2013: Who among us has not, in moments that sometimes bleed through years,
even decades, felt weird, desperate, and absurd--wishing we could turn all the lamest, most shameful episodes in our
lives into hilarious illustrated anecdotes? If you’re one of the millions hanging on Allie Brosh’s every blog post, you
already know you’ll love Hyperbole and a Half in book form, especially since half its hyperboles are new. If you’re
suspicious of books because you live in a world of the INTERNET FOREVER, this is where you make an exception. If you
just stumbled across Brosh and can’t yet grasp the allure of a Web comic illustrated by rudimentary MS Paint figures,
believe the hype. Brosh has a genius for allowing us to channel her weird childhood and the fits and starts of her
adulthood through the manic eyes, gaping mouths, and stick-like arms in the panels that masterfully advance her stories,
and she delivers her relentless commentary with deadpan hilarity. Neurosis has rarely been so relatable and
entertaining. --Mari Malcolm

Guest Review of Hyperbole and a Half

By Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson Jenny Lawson, is a very strange girl who has friends in spite of herself. She is perpetually one cat
away from being a crazy cat lady. Lawson is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Let’s Pretend This Never

Allie Brosh is an internet legend and you've probably accidentally stolen stuff from her at some point in time, but
she's so awesome that she didn't even sue you for it. Why? Mostly because she didn't notice. Also, because she's
generous and she knew that you'd pay her back for using her hilarious images by buying the book she'd write one day.
Today is that day. The good thing is that you will feel much better for having paid her back for accidentally
facebooking something she wrote without crediting her AND you will get her fantastically perfect book which is filled
with even more amazing stuff to steal. EVERYONE WINS.

When Allie first told me she was finished with her book I called her a liar, mostly because it would force her to send
me a copy of the book for free. It was so good though that I would have paid for it, and that's saying a lot because I
shoplift most books, including my own. Frankly, when I read it I found myself repeatedly screaming "OH MY GOD, YES.
THIS. FREAKING EXACTLY" until I eventually got kicked off the bus for disturbing the peace. I prefer to think I was
disturbing the peace with truth. The people on the bus disagreed. Regardless, when Allie asked if I'd write a blurb for
her I said "No, I will write you five." And I did.


"I laughed so hard that stomach juice shot out of the hole they just pulled my gallbladder out of. It might not be the
best book to read right after surgery. Except that the pain pills make you forget that you hurt and also later you can
read the book again when you're sober and enjoy it all over again for the first time."

"I wish I would have written this book. I plan on changing my name to Allie Brosh just to take credit for it." ~
Allie Brosh (Formerly Jenny Lawson)

"This is the book you will give to your friends in order to make sure they are worthy of your love. If they don't get
it you should probably just set them on fire."

"This book made me laugh, cry and leak. It was honest, poignant and ridiculously silly in all the best ways and I'm
better for having read it. Plus, doggies!"

(TL;DR ~ Buy this book.)