• Imported from USA.

    4-page laminated quick reference guide showing step-by-step
    instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Windows 8.1.
    Includes touch interface. This guide is suitable as a training
    handout, or simply an easy to use reference guide, for any type
    of user.

    Topics include:

    Getting Started:
    Starting Windows & Login; The Start Screen; Desktop Apps &
    Windows Store Apps; Accessing the Desktop; Starting a Desktop or
    Windows Store App; Switching Between Apps and Desktop Windows -
    Using the Switch List; Closing a Windows Store App; Closing a
    Desktop Window or App; Windows Charms, Using the Share Charm;
    Searching; Working with Multiple Monitors; Showing Multiple Apps
    Side-by-Side (Snapping); Resizing an App Window; Maximizing an
    App to Full Screen; Opening Files, Folders and Libraries; Saving
    a Document; Using the Shortcut Menu; Showing Windows Store App
    Commands and Navigation.

    Organizing Tiles & Apps:
    Creating a Tile Group; Naming a Tile Group; Rearranging Start
    Screen Tiles; Resizing Start Screen Tiles; Adding an App Tile to
    the Start Screen.

    Working on the Desktop:
    Pinning a Desktop App to the Taskbar; Using Taskbar Jump Lists
    (Recently Used Files, Pinned Files, Common Tasks); Pinning Files
    to Taskbar Jump Lists; Switching Between Windows Using the
    Taskbar; Resizing a Desktop Window; Moving a Desktop Window;
    Maximizing a Desktop Window; Hiding a Desktop Window (Minimize);
    Using the Notification Area (Printing, Security, Sound, etc.).

    File Management:
    Folders, Libraries & Favorites: Starting File Explorer; Working
    with the Ribbon; Navigation Pane, Preview Pane & Details Pane;
    Changing How Items are Displayed: Changing Views, Grouping &
    Sorting; Navigating Folders in File Explorer; Creating a Folder;
    Renaming Files or Folders; Opening a Second Explorer Window;
    Working with Libraries; Selecting Multiple Items, Selecting with
    Checkboxes; Deleting Files or Folders; Moving and Copying Files
    and Folders, Moving and Copying with Cut, Copy & Paste; Adding a
    Folder or Library to Favorites; Creating a Shortcut to a
    Document, Folder, or Other Item; Searching in File Explorer;
    Burning to a CD/DVD; Pinning to Start; Zipping Files or Folders.

    Settings & Troubleshooting:
    Using the Settings Charm; Using the Control Panel; Setting up
    WiFi; Using Airplane Mode; What to Try if an App Freezes.

    Users & Security:
    Viewing a Password While Typing; Changing Users; Ending your
    Windows Session; Changing Login Password or Creating a Picture or
    PIN Password; Getting Help.

    Also includes a "Top 8 Things you Need to Know" list, a list of
    Keyboard Shortcuts, and a list of Mouse/Touch Equivalents.