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Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know® 1st Edition

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What Everyone Needs to Know


Who it's for:

Busy people with diverse interests, ranging from college students to professionals, who wish to inform themselves in a
succinct yet authoritative manner about a particular topic.

What's inside:

An incisive approach to a complex and timely issue, laid out in a straight-forward, question-and-answer format.

Meet Our Authors

Top experts in their given fields, ranging from an Economist correspondent to a director at the Council on Foreign
Relations, you can trust our authors’ expertise and guidance.

Popular Topics in the "What Everyone Needs to Know" Series

* International Politics
* Environmental Policies
* World History
* Sciences & Math
* Religion & Spirituality

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" impressive tour de force, Cybersecurity and Cyberwar gives us actual case studies, insider interviews, bizarre
trivia, and a lot of dramatic statistics to help demystify the danger, and there is real danger. The timely book brings
thoughtful, witty, and balanced analysis to this very important emerging's a book I wish I had written."
--Patrick Lin, The Atlantic

"If you're completely ignorant about malware and cyberattacks, this is the book for you. And if you think you know a lot
about these topics, this is still the book for you. It's thorough, exhaustive, and easy to read...extremely
approachable." --Mashable

"In confronting the cybersecurity problem, it's important for all of us to become knowledgeable and involved. This book
makes that possible -- and also fascinating. It's everything you need to know about cybersecurity, wonderfully presented
in a clear and smart way."--Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

"If you read only one book about 'all this cyberstuff,' make it this one. Singer and Friedman know how to make even the
most complicated material accessible and even entertaining, while at the same time making a powerful case for why all of
us need to know more and think harder about the (cyber)world we know live in."--Anne-Marie Slaughter, President, the New
America Foundation

"Singer and Friedman blend a wonderfully easy to follow FAQ format with engaging prose, weaving explanations of the
elements of cybersecurity with revealing anecdotes. From the fundamentals of Internet architecture to the topical
intrigue of recent security leaks, this book provides an accessible and enjoyable analysis of the current cybersecurity
landscape and what it could look like in the future."--Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Law and Professor of Computer
Science at Harvard University, and author of The Future of the Internet-And How to Stop It

"Singer and Friedman do a highly credible job of documenting the present and likely future risky state of cyber-affairs.
This is a clarion call."--Vint Cerf, "Father of the Internet," Presidential Medal of Freedom winner

"I loved this book. Wow. Until I read this astonishing and important book, I didn't know how much I didn't know about
the hidden world of cybersecurity and cyberwar. Singer and Friedman make comprehensible an impossibly complex subject,
and expose the frightening truth of just how vulnerable we are. Understanding these often-invisible threats to our
personal and national security is a necessary first step toward defending ourselves against them. This is an essential
read."--Howard Gordon, Executive Producer of 24 and co-creator of Homeland

"In our digital age, the issues of cybersecurity are no longer just for the technology crowd; they matter to us all.
Whether you work in business or politics, the military or the media-or are simply an ordinary citizen-this is an
essential read."--Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

"This is the most approachable and readable book ever written on the cyber world. The authors have distilled the key
facts and policy, provided sensible recommendations, and opened the debate generally to any informed citizen: a singular
achievement. A must read for practitioners and scholars alike."--Admiral James Stavridis, U.S. Navy (Ret), former
Supreme Allied Commander at NATO

"This book may interest and be appreciated by anyone seeking a better understanding of cyber threats" -CHOICE

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