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Instant Snow to Go (Makes 1 Gallon Snow Decoration)

Product Description

Non Toxic

Environmentally Friendly

Makes 1 Gallon of Insta Snow

Feels Cold to the touch

Imported from USA

A pouch of Instant Snow To Go! Make almost 1 gallon of fake snow that looks an feels like real snow. A pouch of insta
snow powder is great for holiday villages, lots of holiday decorating, and makes a great gift. Make Snow Instantly! That
means You can make Snow in Less than 5 Seconds! No Mixing. Just Add Water. It's Artificial Snow Made with amazing Insta
Snow Powder Gift Bliss Enterprises Instant Snow To Go! insta snow powder is not Snowonder, Durasnow, Snow Wow or any
product outside of the Insta-Snow family of products Snow To Go! TM is not Snow Seconds, Snowonder, Snowreal, Snow wow,
Dune Snow or any other so called instant snow not in the TM Insta-Snow family of products. Add Water: Snow To Go!
Immediately erupts into Snow. It Makes Lots of Snow. It Looks Real and Feels Cold to touch. It's Not Sticky like other
water absobent polymers. It's Long Lasting. It Does not melt. It Doesn't Blow Around like other fake snow. It's
Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe. And you'll love the Low Cost. Refresh it as water evaporates, and it Lasts and Lasts
Snow To Go! TM It's an AMAZING! Modern Wonder A magical super absorbent powder It turns into Snow Any Time of the Year.
It's Fake Snow, but.... It Looks and Feels Real.

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