Product: 302050

ThinkFun Zingo

Product Description

Two levels of play

Seventy-two picture tiles

Six double-sided Zingo cards

Teaches image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration, and social interaction

For ages between 4 to 8 years

Imported from USA

Zingo! - Bingo with a Zing

Zingo! brings fast-paced excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo. Slide the Zinger to reveal picture
tiles, make a match and fill your card to win. Images with printed words and two levels of play make this the perfect
game to grow with.

step 1Slide the Zinger. step 2Make a match. step 3Fill your card to win. levelsDouble-sided Zingo!
cards with 2 levels of play: Beginner and Advanced. Easy cleanupReload slots and double-sided tiles. ThinkFun


* 1 Zingo! Zinger
* 72 Picture Tiles
* 6 Double-Sided Zingo! Cards
* Instructions and Parent’s Guide
* ThinkFun’s top selling Jr. game
* Builds language and matching skills through fast paced play
* Unique Zinger device delights players of all ages