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Oregon Scientific Advanced Wireless Weather Station with Forecast Ice Alert Humidity Moon Phase Atomic Clock Multi-Sensor Location (Silver)

Product Description

Weather forecast, ice alert, moon phase and weather warning messages.

Indoor outdoor temperature and humidity monitor in real time (Celsius or Fahrenheit).

Atomic, radio controlled clock with time zone offset feature, 12/24-hour format.

Multizone - Monitor up to 3 additional locations wirelessly up to 100 feet with multiple sensors (1 included),

Easy to read LCD display with backlight toggle. Portable and wireless - operates on AA batteries.

Imported from USA

Advanced Weather Station with Atomic Time

straight-silver Finally a reliable and detailed weather forecast! With Oregon Scientific’s latest Advanced Weather
Station you can plan your day, your outfit, and more. You will not only know if it is a sunny or rainy day, you will
also receive weather warnings and humidity levels. Is it a good day for a picnic? Maybe you will choose to ride your
bike to work after all. Or perhaps it’s best to wait for the ice to thaw on the roads, pop some popcorn and curl up with
some hot chocolate and movie or good book. The display also shows the date and the time, both of which are updated
automatically. You can set up multiple sensors, enabling you to monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures, as well as
specific rooms such as wine cellars. It also features a calendar and an EL Backlight for viewing in low light
conditions. The Oregon Scientific Advanced Weather Station can help you manage your environment and enjoy your day, and
life, to the fullest.

Product Features

lifestyle Weather Forecast: Forecast the weather 12-24 hours in advance using graphical icons
Graphic icons indicate the type of weather to expect. When you first wake up, or haven’t had that first cup of jo,
sometimes pictures are the way to go.

Temperature: Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity using wireless sensor
Numbers don’t lie; weather guy on the news? He means well, but... The large numeric display here will tell you the
facts. No bad suits. No bad jokes. Just the temperature. Thank you very much. The weather station monitors indoor and
outdoor temperature from up to 3 remote locations (additional sensors sold separately). Check out conditions in the
garden, the wine cellar, or the baby's room. How hot or cold it is out there? Or in there? This can be helpful when the
AC is on full blast during those hot summer months, or when it’s toasty inside despite below zero temps in the heart of
winter. We live in the information age... this is good information.

Humidity: Displays three levels of temperature and humidity trends (Rising, Steady or Falling)
Know more than just hot or cold... this reading allows you to know the quality of the temperature, which can make all
the difference in the world. Like, “Do I need an umbrella?” And, “Will the snow be any good today?” Or, “Just how sweaty
will I be?”

Moon Phase: Moon phase icon
Laugh if you want to... Make werewolf jokes if you must. But the moon has an effect on us whether or not you are into
horoscopes. It makes the oceans move for example. That’s sort of a big deal. A full moon can make for a romantic stroll.
No moon means bring a flashlight. Plan ahead. Impress your friends and neighbors by knowing your lunar cycles. It’s
kinda cool. Admit it.

Warnings: Displays weather warning messages (Storm, Wind, Fog, Frost, Heat)
Get accurate up to date warning messages for extreme heat, high winds, storms, fog and frost. Being prepared is half
the battle. By knowing what’s up ahead you can plan appropriately. For example, Auntie Em could have said, “No, Dorothy,
this is NOT a good time to take Toto for a walk.”

Atomic Clock: Sets itself to the US Atomic Clock and adjusts for DST
Sounds... explosive? While it won’t blast off, it will display in either 12- or 24- hour format and it is self-setting.
It also has a time zone offset feature and a month/day calendar. So not only will you know what the day is going to be
like, you will know what day it is.