• Made of Durable and Food Grade Silicone..
  • Set includes 2 silicone pans to make 20 cake pops Sticks..
  • Heat-resistant up to 440 degrees F and can be frozen..
  • Easy to clean and to store. Dishwasher Safe..
  • Makes 20 perfect Cake Pop's.....
  • Imported from USA.
Standard Cake Pop Silicone Baking Mold Product code : SBM1550 Having a hard time getting all your cake pops the same size? Our cake pop mold is oven safe so you just fill up your favorite batter and bake. Attach the sticks after baking with melted chocolate or frosting. Perfect cake pops every time! Mold Size: 9 Inch x 7 Inch x 3/4 Inch diameter Cavity Size 1 1/2 Inch diameter