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The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses Hardcover – September 13, 2011

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"The Lean Startup has a kind of inexorable logic, and Ries’ recommendations come as a bracing slap in the face to
would-be tech moguls: Test your ideas before you bet the bank on them. Don’t listen to what focus groups say; watch what
your customers do. Start with a modest offering and build on the aspects of it that prove valuable. Expect to get it
wrong, and stay flexible (and solvent) enough to try again and again until you get it right. It’s a message that rings
true to grizzled startup vets who got burned in the Great Bubble and to young filmgoers who left The Social Network with
visions of young Zuckerberg dancing in their heads. It resonates with Web entrepreneurs blessed with worldwide reach and
open source code. It’s the perfect philosophy for an era of limited resources, when the noun optimism is necessarily
preceded by the adjective cautious." —Wired

“I make all our managers read The Lean Startup.” —Jeffery Immelt, CEO, General Electric

"Eric has created a science where previously there was only art. A must read for every serious entrepreneur—and every
manager interested in innovation."
—Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, Opsware Inc. and Netscape

“This book should be mandatory reading for entrepreneurs, and the same goes for managers who want better entrepreneurial
instincts. Ries’s book is loaded with fascinating stories—not to mention countless practical principles you’ll dearly
wish you’d known five years ago.” —Dan Heath, co-author of Switch and Made to Stick

“Ries shows us how to cut through the fog of uncertainty that surrounds startups. His approach is rigorous; his
prescriptions are practical and proven in the field. The Lean Startup will change the way we think about
entrepreneurship. As startup success rates improve, it could do more to boost global economic growth than any
management book written in years.” —Tom Eisenmann, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Harvard Business School

“The Lean Startup is the book whose lessons I want every entrepreneur to absorb and apply. I know of no better guide to
improve the odds of a startup's success."
—Mitchell Kapor, Founder, Lotus Development Corp.

"At Asana, we've been lucky to benefit from Eric's advice firsthand; this book will enable him to help many more
entrepreneurs answer the tough questions about their business."
—Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook and Asana

“Ries' splendid book is the essential template to understand the crucial leadership challenge of our time: initiating
and managing growth!” —Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, University of Southern California and author
of the recently published, Still Surprised: A Memoir of a Life in Leadership.

"The Lean Startup isn't just about how to create a more successful entrepreneurial business, it's about what we can
learn from those businesses to improve virtually everything we do. I imagine Lean Startup principles applied to
government programs, to healthcare, and to solving the world's great problems. It's ultimately an answer to the
question 'How can we learn more quickly what works, and discard what doesn't?'"
— Tim O'Reilly, CEO O'Reilly Media

“Eric Ries unravels the mysteries of entrepreneurship and reveals that magic and genius are not the necessary
ingredients for success but instead proposes a scientific process that can be learnt and replicated. Whether you are a
startup entrepreneur or corporate entrepreneur there are important lessons here for you on your quest toward the new and
unknown.” —Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

“The roadmap for innovation for the 21st century. The ideas in The Lean Startup will help create the next industrial
revolution.” —Steve Blank, lecturer, Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley Haas Business School

"The key lesson of this book is that start-ups happen in the present—that messy place between the past and the future
where nothing happens according to PowerPoint. Ries's ‘read and react’ approach to this sport, his relentless focus on
validated learning, the never-ending anxiety of hovering between ‘persevere’ and ‘pivot’, all bear witness to his
appreciation for the dynamics of entrepreneurship." —Geoffrey Moore, Author, Crossing the Chasm

"If you are an entrepreneur, read this book. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, read this book. If you
are just curious about entrepreneurship, read this book. Starting Lean is today's best practice for innovators. Do
yourself a favor and read this book." —Randy Komisar, founding director of TiVo and author of the bestselling The Monk
and the Riddle

“How do you apply the 50 year old ideas of Lean to the fast-paced, high uncertainty world of Startups? This book
provides a brilliant, well-documented, and practical answer. It is sure to become a management classic.” —Don
Reinertsen, author of The Principles of Product Development Flow

“The Lean Startup is a foundational must-read for founders, enabling them to reduce product failures by bringing
structure and science to what is usually informal and an art. It provides actionable ways to avoid product-learning
mistakes, rigorously evaluate early signals from the market through validated learning, and decide whether to persevere
or to pivot, all challenges that heighten the chance of entrepreneurial failure.” —Professor Noam Wasserman, Harvard
Business School

“One of the best and most insightful new books on entrepreneurship and management I’ve ever read. Should be required
reading not only for the entrepreneurs that I work with, but for my friends and colleagues in various industries who
have inevitably grappled with many of the challenges that The Lean Startup addresses.” —Eugene J. Huang, Partner, True
North Venture Partners

"What would happen if businesses were built from the ground up to learn what their customers really wanted? The Lean
Startup is the foundation for reimagining almost everything about how work works. Don't let the word startup in the
title confuse you. This is a cookbook for entrepreneurs in organizations of all sizes." —Roy Bahat, President, IGN

“Every founding team should stop for 48 hours and read Lean Startup. Seriously stop and read this book now.” —Scott
Case, CEO Startup America Partnership

“In business, a ‘lean’ enterprise is sustainable efficiency in action. Eric Ries’ revolutionary Lean Startup method will
help bring your new business idea to an end result that is successful and sustainable. You’ll find innovative steps and
strategies for creating and managing your own startup while learning from the real-life successes and collapses of
others. This book is a must read for entrepreneurs who are truly ready to start something great!” —Ken Blanchard,
coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and The One Minute Entrepreneur

“Every entrepreneur responsible for innovation within their organization should read this book. It entertainingly and
meticulously develops a rigorous science for the innovation process through the methodology of “lean thinking”. This
methodology provides novel and powerful tools for companies to improve the speed and efficiency of their innovation
processes through minimum viable products, validated learning, innovation accounting, and actionable metrics. These
tools will help organizations large and small to sustain innovation by effectively leveraging the time, passion, and
skill of their talent pools.” —Andrea Goldsmith, professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, and
cofounder of several startups

“Business is too important to be left to luck. Eric reveals the rigorous process that trumps luck in the invention of
new products and new businesses. We've made this a centerpiece of how teams work in my company . . . it works! This
book is the guided tour of the key innovative practices used inside Google, Toyota, and Facebook, that work in any
business.” —Scott Cook, Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Intuit

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About the Author

Eric Ries is an entrepreneur and author of the popular blog Startup Lessons Learned. He co-founded and served as CTO of
IMVU, his third startup, and has had plenty of startup failures along the way. He is a frequent speaker at business
events, has advised a number of startups, large companies, and venture capital firms on business and product strategy,
and is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard Business School. His Lean Startup methodology has been written about in
the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review, the Huffington Post, and many blogs. He lives
in San Francisco.

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