Product: 316324

Rolling Sands BPA Free 24oz Drink Bottles (10 Pack, Made in USA)

Product Description

Set Of 10 Bottles

BPA Free, Made With PET, The Safest Plastic In Drinkware

Recyclable, Hand Wash Only

Made In The USA With FDA Approved Materials

Lead Free, HR4040/CPSIA Certified, CA Prop 65 Compliant

Imported from USA

With so much concern over cheap plastic bottles that contain BPA (Bisphenol A) we wanted to offer a safe alternative.
This 24oz Fitness Bottle is BPA Free, Lead Free, Recyclable and is FDA approved as well as being made in the U.S.A. The
bottle is designed to fit both bicycle holders and car cup holders. The spill proof top makes it a great choice for
yoga, exercise class or anywhere, as proper hydration is essential for good health. The water bottle includes a wide
screw top to allow full sized ice cubes to be used. The wide opening also makes it easier to clean. We believe you
should taste your drink, NOT the plastic bottle. The bottles have no logos or advertising. They have a pull top lid and
a translucent look so you can always see how much liquid you have left. Sometimes simplicity is best. Please hand wash
only; not dishwasher safe as the heat can deform the plastic. Studies have shown that "no" plastic items should be
cleaned in the dishwasher as strong detergents and high heat will degrade the plastic. These same great bottles are
also available in 3 packs. Excellent choice for teams, picnics, corporate events. Search "Rolling Sands BPA Free 24oz
Drink Bottles (3 Pack) Made In USA" in the Amazon search box.