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For those who love sailing and you-are-there travel
literature. Also for those who enjoy studying the life and times
of the Apostle Paul. But definitely for those who love adventure,
or at least reading about it! Seafaring isn't for the faint of
heart. It wasn't for the Apostle Paul in the first century
A.D.—shipwrecked, imprisoned, and often a stranger in foreign
lands. And it turned out to be a heart-stopping task some two
thousand years later, when a religion professor and his wife
undertook a 14-month journey by sailboat! They stopped in eight
countries, visiting every site where Paul stopped on his
tumultuous missionary journeys. "Sailing Acts" traces
this 21st-century voyage from Volos, Greece, to Rome, Italy, by
car, by foot, by motorized scooter, but mostly on a 33-foot boat,
logging more than 3600 nautical miles over two sailing seasons.
"Explorers are easy to admire or despise, but very difficult to
understand without going on the trip," writes Stutzman. "To
really appreciate the experiences, the drama, and development of
Paul the explorer, you need to sail with him." So
begins Sailing Acts, inviting readers to come on board. Stutzman
draws thoughtful comparisons from his own travel mishaps and
adventures to the ones Paul experienced on his journeys. This
book is in the tradition of Bruce Feiler's Walking the Bible.
Stutzman's knowledge of the socio-political setting in the
first-century Roman empire provides an informative backdrop to
understanding Paul and reading his epistles in a new light. The
book includes dozens of photos, maps showing the couple's travel
routes, a list of all the repairs and replacements Stutzman made
to the aging boat which he bought sight-unseen, and an itinerary
of places they visited.

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Sailing Acts: Following An Ancient Voyage