• Made with high quality wood and premium steel..
  • Easy to turn dial adjusts to desired fit..
  • Sold in men's and women's shoe sizes..
  • Set includes two shoe stretchers..
  • Imported from USA.
The Wooden 2 Way Shoe Stretchers bring relief to sore feet and toes that have been cramped in tight fitting shoes. The stretchers are made with premium steel and wood that is designed to slide easily into men's or women's shoes. The Wooden 2 Way Shoe Stretchers are interchangeable and can each be used to stretch out either the right or left shoe. Place the stretchers into any pair of shoes and use the easy to turn dial to adjust the mechanism, expanding the fit of your shoes and decreasing pressure point pain. Wooden 2 Way Shoe Stretchers are sold as a pair and are available in two sizes, men's 9-14 and women's 5-9.