• Improve Skin Quality with Daily Skin Brushing.
  • Improve Circulation and Lymphatic Functions.
  • **Exclusive Report on Amazing Benefits For All Who Purchase**.
  • Long Handle Allows You to Reach All Areas with Ease.
  • Nubs on Dual Head Great for Cellulite or Body Massage.
  • Imported from USA.
A NEW DISCOVERY OF A HEALTHY ANCIENT PRACTICE! Skin Brushing is an Ancient Practice That Seems Thoroughly Modern! - Dry Brushing will Remove Dead Cells from Your Skin & Allow it to glow & function - Body Brushing will Encourage Better Circulation - Skin Brushing is a Detox Method to Support Your Lymphatic Function - Feel Better - Stress Management! Our Long Handled Brush Can Change How You Feel - and in only 2-5 Minutes Per Day Your skin is your body's largest organ. About 1/3 of impurities are expelled through the skin. Daily brushing stimulates circulation, removes those dead cells on the surface & flushes toxins beneath it. Your blood circulation & lymphatic systems are part of your immune system. Also helpful in cellulite management, softening deposits of hard fat below the skin and preparing them for discharge. Brush in the morning before a shower (skin should be dry!), or before bed. Enthusiasts do both! CORRECT TECHNIQUE ALWAYS brush towards the heart. Start with your feet and use light strokes, not pushing too hard & not too light. Don't forget under your arms as lymph nodes will benefit. Skin will feel refreshed. Avoid open sores of course. Do not brush face. Drink water afterward. HOW CAN YOU NOT IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH WITH THIS SIMPLE TOOL? - Improve your health & your skin quality - Easy to hold & use, this will be one of the best purchases you make this year - Family members should not share brushes - Each should have their own! WE SEND A LINK TO THE BROCHURE ("AMAZING BENEFITS") BY EMAIL 24 HOURS AFTER YOUR BRUSH SHIPS. START YOUR JOURNEY TO BETTER HEALTH AND SKIN QUALITY - PURCHASE NOW