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The Body Fat Breakthrough: Tap the Muscle-Building Power of Negative Training and Lose Up to 30 Pounds in 30 days!

Product Description

The Body Fat Breakthrough

Imported from USA

Anyone who desperately wants to lose 10 to 50 or more pounds but just can't find the time to exercise three or four
times a week will love The Body Fat Breakthrough. It requires just one or two 20-minute resistance-training workouts
using negative (or eccentric) training, the little-known weight-lifting technique that shrinks fat cells and triggers
fast muscle growth. Legendary fitness researcher Ellington Darden, PhD, put 118 overweight men and women on this workout
program and achieved remarkable results, which are illustrated in the book through 35 inspiring before and after
photographs. Some test subjects lost 30, 40, or even more than 50 pounds in as many days and transformed their bodies
and their health.
Negative training is just one of 10 Fat Bombs demonstrated in the book. Others include:
• A unique meal plan in which the bulk of calories comes from carbohydrates (50% carbs;
25% protein; 25% fat), offering readers an appealing new way to lose weight without sacrifice
• Drinking a gallon of cold water a day to stay full and burn calories through thermogenesis
• Evening after-dinner walks to accelerate body heat, triggering increased fat loss Dr. Darden's Breakthrough program
sheds pounds fast while building and toning muscle in just 6 weeks.