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Skylanders SWAP Force Limited Edition Spring 2014 Fryno Character Pack

Product Description

Limited Spring 2014 Edition

Includes: Skylanders SWAP Force Limited Edition Spring 2014 Fryno Character Pack, Trading Card, and Sticker Sheet

This Skylanders SWAP Force character requires the Portal of Power (included in the SWAP Force Starter Pack) to be used in-game.

Imported from USA

Fryno was once a member of the notorious Blazing Biker Brigade and spent most of his youth riding around Skylands with
the rest of his crew. But what Fryno did not realize was that, while he enjoyed a life of freedom and adventure, his
crew was responsible for acts of burglary throughout Skylands. When Fryno discovered that he had been riding around with
a bunch of villains, he burned with rage and demanded that they make amends for the wrong they had done. This resulted
in an epic fight, which Fryno won, and the disbanding of the Blazing Biker Brigade. Fryno was in the midst of returning
the valuables his crew had stolen when he met Master Eon, who was impressed with his good character and fighting
abilities, and offered him a membership to a new crew – the Skylanders.