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Churchill: The Power of Words

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"Will give the reader great insight into the history of Britain during the time of Churchill and
Churchill's own development into the leader during their 'finest hour.' Highly recommended especially in this age of
politics over character."―Sacramento Book Review

"With 200 extracts well chosen by historian and Churchill biographer Martin Gilbert, this book isn't just informative
and entertaining. It's inspiring."―Charleston Post and Courier

"What makes this particular volume stand out is the expert's encyclopedic knowledge about the subject--and his keen eye
in choosing the most exceptional works of a man who wrote and spoke so many of them. Mr Gilbert has long been
Churchill's greatest champion, but he wisely takes a secondary role to simply provide brief thoughts on each excerpt's
historical significance. In doing so, Churchill's astonishing mastery of the English language can thereby do all the
talking...a superb volume of Churchill's writings and speeches."―Washington Times

"A masterful book and a history worth buying and reading and paying attention to."―Veterans Reporter

"Winston Churchill's speeches...sing in a way English language statesmen and politicians have tried unsuccessfully to
match ever since. This volume has them all, and in chronological order, often with brief lead-ins to supply context, so
it can be read as a history of the British Empire during the first half of the 20th century, or used as an anthology of
Churchillian quotations...Kudos to Sir Gilbert for the service he has performed in packing the best of Churchill into
one comprehensible volume."―Buffalo News

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About the Author

Sir Martin Gilbert was one of Britain's leading historians. He authored more than eighty books and was an
Honorary Fellow of Merton College, Oxford.

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