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    Imagine being a dance teacher who does not look for students but has students looking for you! Never before has there been such a comprehensive, richly detailed resource for the art and science of teaching ballroom dancing. With this one of a kind book, you'll develop the confidence and professionalism to quickly and easily go from being a good teacher to a GREAT one, and gain the skills needed to skyrocket your career. With his book you will: * Learn a clear, precise system for easily teaching and reviewing figures * Confidently teach dance frames, lead and follow, and connection * Motivate and excite your students about the world of competitions, showcases and medal tests * Discover the keys to teaching Latin hip action and arm styling * Learn how music is constructed and how it relates to the different ballroom dances * Master techniques for teaching posture, coordination and body-awareness * Learn the interpersonal skills for nurturing long-term, healthy teacher/student relationships * Become versed in a comfortable, customer-focused approach to selling dance lessons * Master the vocabulary and technical elements essential for teaching and certification * Incorporate excellent methods for teaching beginners and wedding couples * Greatly improve your own technique, whether or not you dance competitively