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FoodSaver T03-0006-02P Regular-Mouth Jar Sealer

Product Description

Seals in Freshness

Re-vacuums jars easily

Great for liquids, fragile foods and dry goods like brown sugar, spices, dried fruit and coconut

FoodSaver Regular Jar Sealers replace standard Mason-type jar lids to create a vacuum seal that locks out air - the enemy of freshness. Not to be used for canning

Air-tight and odor proof


Dishwasher safe and BPA free

Tube Hose not included

Imported from USA

For those who cook large quantities of food for storage, FoodSaver vacuum packaging systems offer excellent protection
against food spoilage and freezer burn. This jar sealer attachment fits on pint- and quart-sized Mason jars and is for
use with any FoodSaver machine that has an accessory port. The lid forms a tight seal on Mason jars while tubing (sold
separately) inserts through the top and removes air from the jar with the help of a FoodSaver machine. The jar sealer
works equally as well in packaging liquid foods, such as jams, sauces, or mustard, as it does for dry goods, such as
brown sugar or spices. The sealer can even re-seal the same container multiple times (in case someone keeps dipping into
the stored jars of raspberry jam). Vacuum packaging with this lid can keep food fresh three to five times longer than
keeping it in a plastic food storage container in the refrigerator; however, it is a different process from canning and
should not be confused with traditional canning methods. --Cristina Vaamonde