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Step by Step Knifemaking: You Can Do It

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Proudly made in the United States

Includes information on Tools and Kinds of Knives

UPC: 9780615116594

Manufacture Part Number: STEP-BY-STEP KNIFEMAKING

Imported from USA

A knife is the most basic tool, and the average adult uses a knife almost every day. Yet there are very few individually
made knives in existence, and few people who know how to make knives. Step by Step Knifemaking, by master knifemaker
David Boye, is widely regarded as the classic on the art of handcrafted knives. Thorough, clear, detailed instructions
guide the reader through each step in how to make a knife. Generously illustrated with photos and drawings on most
pages, this book reads like a one-on-one workshop with a thoughtful teacher. The reader is led to discover the spiritual
connection between himself and his work, to develop his sense of artistry, and to acquire practical skills for
self-sufficiency. Completely self-taught, the author guides the beginning knifemaker through the thinking processes
necessary to make a knife; inspires confidence in the reader to begin at his own skill level; and shows how it can be
done on a financial shoestring. Topics covered include tools, setting up a shop, knife design, grinding, heat treating,
polishing, sharpening, blade etching, sheath making, and more. Boye's outdoor knives, kitchen cutlery, and utility
knives are functional and "peace-loving," and the chapter on etching designs into the blades is one of the few guides to
this unique art in print. With over 175,000 copies in print, Step by Step Knifemaking has deeply moved thousands to
involve themselves in this craft, and they constitute a visible portion of today's knifemakers. This book can impel the
reader to a personally satisfying, alternative backyard career, making his own useful knife art. It is an enjoyable,
indispensable reference for those wanting to learn knifemaking, become more self-reliant, or for anyone with an interest
in the ancient craft of blades. "Handmade knives are unique," writes David Boye, "reflecting the skills and personality
of their maker. They impart a personal touch to what would be a cold impersonal item. Thus it is with a handmade knife,
or a handmade article of any kind, that there is a subtle exchange of electromagnetic energy that is transferred from
the heart and the hands of the craftsman to the heart of the person who sees and uses the handmade article. Hopefully,
the product will be the embodiment and expression of love and beauty in a useful, sanitary, and safe cutting tool - a
hint of a deeper, more profound spirit in the process of living." 272 pages; 170 illustrations; 155 photographs.

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