• Imported from USA.
    The Sciencent Set of 6 Spring Balance Hanging Spring Scale Set has six tubular spring scales with different measurement ranges for determining weight. The scales are graduated in grams (g) and Newtons (N) and are color-coded to distinguish between scale ranges. The maximum load is 250g/2.5N for the blue scale, 500g/5N for the green scale, 1000g/10N for the tan scale, 2000g/20N for the red scale, 3000g/30N for the white scale, and 5000g/50N for the yellow scale. Each scale has a ring at the top for hanging, and an S-hook at the bottom for attaching the sample to be weighed. The clear plastic housing of the scales allows observation of the extension and retraction of the springs. A spring scale, or spring balance, is used in classroom and field applications to measure weight and to explore physics principles of force and mass.

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