Product: 409782

Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite Capris

Product Description

Designed to Fit Snugly with a Comfy Elastic Waistband and Ergonomically Positioned Flatlock Seams to Reduce Chafing and Increase Comfort

Made with 1.5mm Neoprene Embedded with Bio-Ceramic Material that is Effective with Cellulite Reduction, Water & Toxin Reduction. Proven Effective

High Tech Fabric Works to Break Down Cellulite Cells, Improve Circulation and Revitalize Tissue

Increased Heat and Molecular Stimulation Enhances Effectiveness of Exercise, Increases Blood Flow, and Accelerates Metabolism to Burn More Calories!

Use Capris as Part of Your Daily Exercise Routine. Look for the Shorts, Tankinis and Other Offerings from Delfin Spa

Imported from USA

Delfin Spa's exercise capris are designed with ergonomically positioned flatlock seams to reduce chafing and increase
comfort. Bio Ceramic capris feature 1.5mm neoprene with soft nylon/lycra lining and soft elastic waistband, iPhone/phone
pocket on the side and leg opening with adjustable Velcro hook and loop closure for greater comfort/fit. The capris are
contoured to fit snuggly and contain an anti-microbial additive to reduce bacteria build-up. Since these capris fit
close to the body, they can also be worn for everyday use to help contour your body while helping cellulite reduction.
Use the leggings as part of your daily exercise routine and are great for post-pregnancy. The Bio Ceramic material in
these shorts both generates Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and reflects your body's own FAR infrared rays. "FAR" relates to the
size of the wavelength and Infrared is the part of the light spectrum that generates heat. The primary benefit of these
rays is to help to break down cellulite cells, improve circulation and revitalize tissue. Increased heat and molecular
stimulation enhances the effectiveness of exercise, increases blood flow, and accelerates metabolism to burn more
calories. Bio Ceramic capris also improve the effectiveness of anti-cellulite cream by assisting its penetration deep
into the skin and cellulite. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1) What's up with the funny smell? This is common and expected
from neoprene. We air the material prior to sewing; however, the smell can build up once the package is sealed. Any odor
will quickly dissipate with use and from its initial washing. 2) Should I wear anything underneath the capris? Yes.
Wearing underwear beneath the capris will not negatively impact the capris' performance. 3) How do I care for the
leggings? Hand wash in cool to warm water with mild detergent and line dry. Using a washing machine should not be the
standard practice (once in a while is OK) and never machine dry.