BeadBuster Portable DIY Tire Changing Kit (w/XB-451) for ATV/Motorcycle/Car/Truck (Glove - XLarge)

Product Description

Portable, lightweight tire changing kit for ATV's & UTV's on the trail

Comes with BeadBuster XB-451 bead breaker (Reinforced ATV Rims, aka Rock Rings)

Includes BeadBuster Tire Irons, Tire Mount Lubricant Paste, and BeadBuster Mechanics Gloves, specify your size

Includes Valve Core Removal Tool and Spacer for small wheels

Includes Portable Air Compressor and 12-V power port adapter for inflation on the trail

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Imported from USA

Size:Glove - XLarge

This kit has everything you need to start changing your own ATV tires…ANY kind of tire, ANYWHERE you want. We
combined all of the specialty tools and accessories that you need to start easily ripping tires off, so you can get back
riding as soon as possible. This kit is especially suited for the enthusiast who likes to take ATV adventure trips miles
away from civilization, and need to be prepared for the inevitable tire change in the field. The DIY ATV kit includes
the XB-451 bead breaker that will accommodate every ATV wheels there is (including reinforced rims), motorcycles, cars,
trucks and many more. Our tire changing kits save you money and come with FREE Shipping which is normally substantial
with a few of these large items. The BeadBuster XB-451 has all of the benefits of the original XB-450, with the addition
of a removable clamp arm, and a post-style clamp arm that can be used with reinforced ATV wheels (aka “Reinforced Rims”
or “Rock Rings”). Reinforced Rims (not to be confused with Bead Locks) can be found on Kawasaki KFX OEM wheels, and
certain aftermarket Baja racing wheels. When you are out on the trail, you can use a BeadBuster and tire irons to change
out a flat or damaged tire, but you’ll need a compressor to re-seat the bead. The included Viair Model 70P compressor
will get the job done, and can easily reach the ~30 psi needed to seat the bead, and also keep all of your tires topped
off when you are out in the bush. The 70P is a small but powerful portable compressor capable of inflating up to
225/60/R18 tires by simply plugging into your cigarette lighter power port, connecting to a valve stem and turning the
unit on. Tire pressure can be monitored using the gauge mounted on top of the unit, by temporarily switching the unit

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