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Product: 430700

Product Description

WiFi capability

Internet access

MemoryStick Pro Duo slot (memory stick sold separately)

Use a MP3 audio and MP4 video player

See movies on UMD

Imported from USA

The PSP is the first truly integrated handheld entertainment system designed to handle multiple applications — music,
video, communication, and wireless networking, with games as its primary driver. PSP brings an unparalleled gaming
experience to a handheld platform, allowing users to enjoy 3D games, with high-quality, full-motion video, and
high-fidelity stereo audio. With graphics rendering capability comparable to that of PlayStation®2, PSP features a
4.3-inch wide screen, high-resolution TFT display. PSP also adopts a newly developed, proprietary compact but
high-capacity (1.8GB) optical disc, Universal Media Disc (UMD), as its storage medium.

Check out the PSP features in depth below:

Games | Movies/Video | Music | Photos | Internet | LocationFree® TV | Tivo-To-Go™ | RSS | Online Gaming

What’s in play this season.

* Dazzling widescreen LCD brings gaming to life
* Hundreds of games that let you take your gaming on the go
* Unique content created specifically for the PSP® system
* Diverse genres — and all created with portable gaming in mind
Play games anytime, anywhere on the PSP system’s dazzling, widescreen LCD. Games are playable off a UMD™ (Universal
Media Disc), which load when inserted into the system. If your PSP system hasn’t been updated, the game software will
update your PSP system’s firmware as well.

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The silver screen, conveniently resized.

* Choose from hundreds of movies and TV shows to watch, spanning diverse genres and viewing choices
* Take your entertainment with you on the go by placing your downloaded videos on Memory Stick Duo™

Here’s How it Works.

* Use the Use the PSP Media Manager to easily place videos on your PSP System’s Memory Stick Duo.
* PSP Media Manager will search your PC for videos, and then convert
* Alternatively, watch full-length movies and TV shows off a UMD™.
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Let the music move you — anywhere.

* Place your MP3 collection on Memory Stick Duo and take your music with you everywhere
* Plays MP3, WAV, WMA, ATRAC3+, and MP4 formats

Here’s How it Works.

You can add MP3’s (or other music format files) to your Memory Stick Duo for play on your PSP system. * Simply attach
your PSP to your PC through a USB cable — making the PSP an external drive.
* You’ll then be able to copy your MP3s onto your Memory Stick Duo (make sure that your Memory Stick Duo is formatted
for use on your PSP and that you place your music files in the folder labeled Music).
* Then just plug your headphones in, go to Music on the PSP system’s XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu and select your song.
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Take your photos and slide shows to go.

* Place your photos on your Memory Stick Duo and view them on the LCD screen
* Beam photos to friends via Wi-Fi
* Set up a slideshow to show friends and family your photo collection

Here’s How it Works.

It’s easy to place photos on your PSP system! * Attach your PSP to your PC through a USB cable — which will make the
PSP an external drive.
* You’ll then be able to copy your photos (JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, or BMP formats) to your Memory Stick Duo (make sure your
Memory Stick Duo is formatted for use on your PSP and that you place your photos in the folder labeled Photo).
* You can then go to the Photo icon on the PSP system’s XMB and select the photo that you’d like to view.
You can also beam photos to a friend in the vicinity who has a PSP. Make sure that both of your PSP systems have the
Wi-Fi switch set to On. * The photo ‘Receiver’ should go to the Photo icon on the PSP system’s XMB, select the location
to save the photo and press .
* Select ‘Receive’.
* The photo ‘Sender’ should go to the photo to be sent and press .
* Select ‘Send’ and press .
* The photo will be beamed via Wi-Fi to your friend’s PSP.
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Got a hot spot? Get some cool stuff

* Access the Internet from any accessible hotspot
* For exclusive PSP downloadable demos and content, visit

Here’s How it Works

To access the Internet on your PSP system, first make sure that you are at an accessible hotspot and that your Wi-Fi
switch is set to ON. * If you are at a new location, you’ll want to select the WWW icon on your PSP system’s XMB
screen, and then follow instructions to set up a New Connection.
* Once you have tested this connection, select the WWW icon from your PSP system’s XMB screen again.
* Press and then to access the URL bar, or scroll over to the Bookmarks icon (noted by the ‘heart’ icon) and select a
* If accessing through the URL bar, after pressing , the on screen keyboard will pop up. Enter the desired website URL
and your PSP will connect you to that site. Once the web page is shown, press to hide the toolbar.
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LocationFree TV

* Watch live TV, DVR content or your DVD player content on your PSP system from anywhere in the world via an accessible
* Connect your compatible TV, DVD player, DVR, Camcorder, or PC to the LocationFree Base Station. Then enjoy your
favorite TV shows, movies, created video, and more where and when you want on your PSP — wherever wireless connectivity

Here’s How it Works

To connect to your LocationFree TV base station through your PSP, make sure you have installed firmware update 2.80 or
later and that your Wi-Fi switch is set to On. * Go to the LocationFree icon underneath the Network icon on your PSP
system’s XMB menu. (If you have not set-up a connection yet, your PSP will take you through the process.)
* Register your PSP with the LocationFree TV base station by pressing the ‘Setup Mode’ button on the base station.
* Select the LocationFree TV icon under the Network icon on the XMB menu and press .
* Select a public wireless LAN service (if outside the home) or ‘LocationFree AP’ (if inside the home). Now you can
enjoy your favorite TV shows, DVR or DVD content from the road! For further set-up information, go to
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* Watch recorded TV content downloaded to your Memory Stick Duo
* TiVo-To-Go™ service costs $24.95 (one time flat fee) and converts recorded TiVo content to the correct PSP system
* Check for more information

Here’s How it Works

* To access your TiVo content for playback on your PSP, your TiVo Series2™ must be connected to your home network
(connecting it to your PC).
* Next, go to to download the TiVo Desktop Plus software. This will allow your PC to convert the
TiVo files to a PSP readable format. TiVo charges a one-time fee of $24.95 for this service, payable via their website.
* When TiVo Desktop Plus has been downloaded, click the box in the ‘Preferences’ menu to ensure files are converted to
PSP format.
* Transfer the shows you wish onto your PC. The PC will then automatically convert the files into PSP readable files and
place in a separate portable downloads folder.
* You’ll then need to connect your PSP to your PC via the USB cable — which will turn the PSP into an external drive.
Make sure your Memory Stick Duo has been formatted for use on the PSP and that you have updated your PSP system’s
firmware to version 2.80 or later. From there, you’ll be able to enjoy your TiVo content on your PSP!
*Mac users can convert their TiVo Series2 programs for PSP as well using Roxio Toast 8 -- see for details.

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* Enjoy audio and video RSS (podcasts) downloaded to your PSP system — anywhere you go
* Check out PlayStation Mayhem and other RSS content on the RSS page through the official PSP website

Here’s How it Works

* Start the web browser (see Internet section for more information).
* Select a webpage that offers RSS-distributed content.
* Select the icon for the RSS-distributed content.
* Select YES and then press . You have now created an RSS channel for that webpage. To access this content, simply go to
the channel under the RSS menu.
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* Battle others in intense online gaming at home or through complimentary 6 month access at any T-Mobile HotSpot*

Here’s How it Works

* To play anyone in your local vicinity (up to 50 feet away), simply make sure your Wi-Fi switch is set to the On
position, and follow the game’s instructions on how to connect. Both PSP systems must have a copy of the game to play.
* To play online, make sure you're at an accessible hotspot (at home or T-Mobile HotSpot), and set your Wi-Fi switch to
the On position.
* Ensure you have set up a new connection and then follow the game’s on screen instructions to access the game lobby and
find people to play!

* Check to view T-Mobile HotSpot compatible games.
* For detailed instructions on installing the necessary firmware update required for T-Mobile HotSpot online gaming, go
*Available through March 28, 2008. PSP must be updated to System Update v.3.30 or later.

Check out more upcoming games at

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