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+9.5dBi Omni TurboTenna 2.4GHz WiFi antenna with RP-SMA for Netgear, Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link Routers & Adapters

Product Description

Excellent quality, High Performance +9.5dBi Omni antenna

Direct replacement for removable factory antenna of Netgear, Belkin, Buffalo, D-LINK, Alfa Routers & Adapters

Direct replacement for any WiFi router compatible with RP-SMA RF connector

Offers 360 deg horizontal coverage improvement

Improves your wireless experience

Imported from USA

As the factory antennas are mostly 2dBi rubber ducks which are packaged with the wireless routers or PCI WiFi devices
pretty much the same way as low-cost tyres fitted in a new car for obvious reasons, the full potential of wireless
coverage cannot be exploited without fitting in stronger antennas. Simply unscrew the factory antennas and replace them
with these +9.5dBi Omni antennas. If your wireless router is amongst one of the few which has undetachable antennas, you
may drop us a message for further advice. Instantly delivering a gain of x9.8 on each antenna to improve the speed and
the range of your wireless connection. The +9.5dBi Omni is slim, lightweight and having a length of merely 15 inches. It
works beautifully with any 802.11b/g and 802.11n MIMO WiFi devices.