Peacock Pattern Sequin Fabric Hand Fan Decorative,blue

by Niceeshop

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  • Brand new and made of sheer cloth and plastic ribbing folding fan
  • Exquisitely Hand-crafted Size: 23cm/9 inches and opens to about 20 inches across
  • Gold decorations along fan ribs and Decorative peacock style embroidered with sequins
  • Great for keeping cool, folds into small space
  • Chinese Fan genarally designed with an art charm,it has a deep unique national style in.
    Evev A fan can reflect thousnands of history culture a long time ago,has renowned at home and abroad.also become a rare
    and very worthy treasuring arts and crafts.
    For cooling in hot summer,or some kind appreciation for art,or a precious gift for bosom friend.This handmade fan can be
    your perfect also the first choice.
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